Blue Guide India

"I’ve been waiting many years for a guide like this, and look forward to packing it in my rucksack for many trips to come." William Dalrymple more

US: $29.95GBP: £19.95

Published: 2011; edition: 1; pages: 888

The first Blue Guide to cover the whole of India, from Assam to Tamil Nadu. Elegantly written by Sam Miller, a long-standing India expert, who now heads the BBC World Service Trust in India. The guide contains superb plans of cities, cave sites and temple complexes, as well as illustrations of architecture and sculpture. Organised state by state, each chapter includes select coverage of where to stay and eat.

The depth of information and quality of research make this book the best guide for the independent cultural traveller to this extraordinarily varied country, with excellent introductory sections on India's history, religions, culture and art. Ideal as an on-site guide as well as for pre-travel reading, to help visitors plan their itinerary.

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Illustrations: B/W with photographs, diagrams, site plans and 16 pages of full-colour maps.

ISBN: 978-1-905131-53-2