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Stretching between the French frontier and the borders of Tuscany, Liguria comprises the narrow strip of land lying between the Mediterranean and the Maritime Alps and the Apennines, and a small part of the Po River basin beyond the watershed. Because the mountains shelter it from winter winds, the region enjoys an exceptionally mild climate. Delicate plants from much warmer climes—California, Chile, South Africa and Australia—thrive along city streets and in formal gardens. In the western section of the region, vegetables and flowers are grown out of season for export to northern markets, and everywhere olives and grapes flourish on the steep hillsides. The gentle climate, combined with the grandeur of Liguria’s rugged coastal scenery and the attractions of the sea, have drawn visitors for over a century, especially during winter. This tradition gives Liguria’s many coastal resorts a timeless quality that is difficult to find elsewhere in Italy, and is perhaps the region’s most attractive feature.

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