Welcome to the Destination Veneto page on An e-guide to the region is available for download. Click here for details. We also have a detailed guide to the city of Venice, available in both print and electronic versions and a short good-read guide to the famous bathing resort of the Venice Lido which in the course of its history has played host to popes and crusaders, novelists and filmstars, and the whole jeunesse dorée of the inter-war generation. The region also forms part of the forthcoming Blue Guide Northern Italy.

Venice & The Veneto

The Veneto region is particularly filled with interest for the visitor. Apart from Venice, it includes Verona, a beautiful city with a celebrated Roman amphitheatre, today used for opera performances. The university town of Padua has important frescoes by Giotto; Vicenza was laid out by the great 16th-century architect Palladio. All over the Veneto are splendid country villas, some by Palladio, others by 17th- and 18th-century architects. Veneto is also home to perhaps the most beautiful of the Italian lakes: Lake Garda. The region was the birthplace of many of Italy’s most celebrated artists, including Titian, Veronese and Tintoretto. Its wines—among them Amarone and Prosecco—are highly prized.

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