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Elspeth and Michael Wills, author
has written or contributed to:    
Biography: Elspeth Wills was born in Inverness in 1948 and moved shortly thereafter to Glasgow where she spent her school days. After graduating from St Andrews University with an honours degree in modern history, she developed a career in research and information, running her own business for 12 years before becoming a freelance exhibition developer, script writer and author. She has lived in Edinburgh for the last 27 years and has an active interest in Scottish history and culture. Michael Wills was born in Dundee and educated in Crieff and at St Andrews University from where he graduated with an honours degree in physics. Most of his working life has been spent as a university librarian in Edinburgh. He has been a member of a number of community development organisations and currently is a board member of the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust.

Other books:

Walks in Edinburgh's Old Town (Mercat Press, 2nd edition 2001); Walks in Edinburgh's New Town (Mercat Press, 1998); Scottish Firsts: A Celebration of Innovation and Achievement (Mainstream, 2002); Stars Aboard: Celebrities of Yesteryear Who Travelled Cunard Line During the Golden Age of Transatlantic Travel (Open Agency, 2003); Books of Comparisons: "Queen Mary 2" (Open Agency, 2003); Ports of Call: Short Cruise Destinations in the 1930s (Open Agency, 2006); Cunardia: A Steamer Trunk of Tidbits, Trivia and Trifles (Open Agency, 2005); All Ashore: World Cruise Destinations in the 1930s (Open Agency, 2006); The Fleet 1840–2004: Cunard's Flagships and Floating Palaces from the Earliest Days of Steam to "Queen Mary 2"(Open Agency, 2004).

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