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The Venice Lido: A Blue Guide Travel Monograph

“So well brought off I expected sand to sift from its pages” ...read more

US: $10.95GBP: £6.95

Published: 2011; edition: 1; pages: 160

Short and literary guide to Venice’s Lido, in the Blue Guides’ new Travel Monographs series.
The Venice Lido was once one of the most fashionable and glamorous bathing resorts in Europe. Such diverse types as Diaghilev, Coco Chanel and Churchill holidayed there, Thomas Mann used it as his setting for Death in Venice, while Hitler flew in for lunch with Mussolini at the golf club. Faded elegance, comfort and style remain, all a 10 minute vaporetto ride across the lagoon to Venice itself. Set for a revival with major relaunches of some of its main hotels and events venues.
Robin Saikia is a London-based journalist and art historian.

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 ISBN: 978-1-905131-50-1