Blue Guide Aegean Turkey: From Troy to Bodrum

Updated chapter from Blue Guide Turkey

By Paola Pugsley

The Aegean coast of Turkey has long been a magnet for travellers, from early pilgrims to the Holy Land to antiquaries in search of Classical remains to the sunseeking tourists of today. Some of Turkey’s most famous sites are in this region: the ruins of Troy; Pergamon with its famous library; Ephesus with its great sanctuary to Artemis. Here too are the resort towns of Izmir and Bodrum, the latter once home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. This Blue Guide focuses on the history and archaeology of the region. Hierapolis (Pamukkale), Assos, Sardes, Iasos and Labranda are also included, as well as Miletus, Priene, Didyma, Aphrodisias and other sites and towns of the Meander Valley. An essential handbook for enthusiasts of the ancient world.

ISBN mobi: 978-1910480-19-9
ISBN epub: 978-1910480-69-4

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