Blue Guide Travels in Transylvania: The Greater Târnava Valley

By Lucy Abel Smith

Published: 2018; edition: 2; pages: 272

An explorer’s handbook to a corner of Europe that time forgot.

This charming and accessible guide, now in its second edition, takes as its focus the towns and villages of the Greater Târnava Valley, home to an exceptional cultural heritage. Here Romanian, Hungarian, Saxon, Jewish and Roma cultures come together in an extraordinarily rich mix, against a backdrop of some of the loveliest landscapes in Europe. The main towns are Sighișoara and Mediaș with their towers and citadels. The villages are famous for their unique fortified churches and unspoilt rural way of life. The guide to the sights of the valley also includes sections on the plethora of flora and fauna, bee-keeping, winemaking and gypsy heritage, as well as an outline of the region’s complex and often turbulent history. This new edition includes a chapter on the beautiful town of Sibiu, as well as coverage of additional villages in the valley.

Illustrations: Black and white with photographs, drawings and detailed maps.

ISBN: 978-1-90513-185-3

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