Some recent feedback on Amazon

While we recommend and support good book shops as the obvious place to buy a Blue Guide, we also provide functionality from these pages to order copies for immediate delivery from Amazon.  One of the advantages of this for us is that we can see the excellent rankings and feedback from readers that our titles receive, in itself rewarding for our authors, editors and production team, who put an enormous amount of work into publishing “the best-researched, best presented guide books in the English language”. Here are some recent comments.




Blue Guide Greece the Aegean Islands

Perfect for those historically inclined that want to hop from island to island

By P. Caetano
Format: Paperback

This is a great compilation in one book of the 20 books by the author of this blue book Prof. McGilchrist which covered about 70 islands. I find this the best overview of the Aegean islands historical sites It is useful to chose main island to fly to and plan which “satellite” islands around it are worthwhile to visit by ferry or local water taxi. Chapter on Rhodes perfect about seeing classic Greek period acropolis on Lindos, medieval town in Rhodes old town and advice on n historical settlements to see in nearby Symi and Chalki islands. As for also enjoying the beaches, kids activities, water sports, restaurants, lodging, etc bring along one of the more common tour generalist travel book.

Blue Guide Greece – Skiathos

Short but useful

By ErskineMay
Format: Kindle ebook

This is a short extract but it provides useful advice and historical information I found nowhere else; it’s not about bars, hotels and restaurants .

Blue Guide Crete

Meets the usual standard of the Blue Guides

By Ulrich G. Weiss
Format: Paperback

This guide has everything you need to know about the island. Particularly useful for people interested in Byzantine churches and frescoes, the map and directions to churches are very helpful, as the information given on Crete is not always correct from websites. A word of warning for Panaghia Kera Church near Krista, it was closed on Monday, at least in March, luckily went on a Sunday. Otherwise the hours and information were correct, but the opening times of places in Crete seem to change at will. This is more of a cultural guide than for people looking for restaurant info and hotels, I use the web for that.

Blue Guide Crete

If a Mediterranean vacation is in your plans

By suej
Format: Paperback

This is one of three guides I have and is easily the best especially if you are interested in the history of Crete. But even if you’re not, it is a mine of information, as well as useful recommendations for accommodation and eating (we tried a few of the recommended restaurants and weren’t disappointed in any of them). It’s divided into different geographical sections, each beginning with a history of the place, then recommended places to visit, with the emphasis on historical sites and museums but other places of interest as well. There are guided walks and drives, with masses of background information. There is also practical stuff about travel, where to stay, (with price guides) tourist information, where to eat (also with price guides), shopping and markets, festivals and events, walking, and recommended further reading. The detail on places like Knossos is great – I can safely say that it’s all we needed to guide us round the site. Highly recommended.

Blue Guide Greece – The Peloponnese

This book is amazing because it shows the area as it was

By ellen “ellen in atlanta”
Format: Kindle ebook

My people all came from this lovely part of Greece. This book is wonderful because it shows the area as it was, with mythical resources to how it is now-complete with hotel, cafe, and travel information. This is a beautiful part of Greece where there is poverty, pride, gorgeous orchards, magnificent views- and very wonderful people. Luxury hotels take advantage of the beauty of this mystical place and gives the tourist a one stop shop to see a gorgeous part of Greece. The places you have heard about all your life–Argos, Sparta, etc.all are there to explore.

Blue Guide Greece – Thessaly

Blue guide in useful sections

By Suzi Stembridge
Format: Kindle ebook

Short but sweet, a single chapter from the latest Blue Guide; a very useful way of taking a guide whether on Kindle, phone or ipad.

Blue Guide Greece The Mainland

Your best friend in Greece

By iwearshoes
Format: Paperback

With this guide, you don’t need to be an archaeologist or an ancient historian to get the most out of your trip to Greece, but if you are, you will likely find sites you hadn’t before considered. It is thorough in its information about all the important sites, plus many gems of lesser-known sites. Information includes walking and driving maps, guided room-by-room tours of museums, ancient and modern histories, sidebars on important historical figures and events, and even references to modern scholarship. All time periods are covered from prehistoric mounds and ancient temples to Frankish castles and Byzantine and modern monasteries and churches.

Blue Guide Greece The Aegean Islands

Potentially useful, but read reviews first

By Jon Corelis
Format: Paperback

To sum up: obviously this is a major book on Greece, well organized and clearly expressed, and will be worth carrying around if you have a serious scholarly interest, even as an amateur, in the Aegean islands and especially their classical history.