Some recent feedback on Amazon

While we recommend and support good book shops as the obvious place to buy a Blue Guide, we also provide functionality from these pages to order copies for immediate delivery from Amazon.  One of the advantages of this for us is that we can see the excellent rankings and feedback from readers that our titles receive, in itself rewarding for our authors, editors and production team, who put an enormous amount of work into publishing “the best-researched, best presented guide books in the English language”. Here are some recent comments.




Blue Guide London 18th edition

Love this Book!

By Tracy Leininger
Format: Paperback

I like having this book, as it divides London up into sections. I relied on it more than I did the internet!

Blue Guide London

The definitive guide to London

By Csibesz
Format: Paperback

Blue Guides are the best guidebooks available today. They are well researched, well written and comprehensive. This book is the only guide to London you need.

Blue Guide London

Best London Guide

By Amazon Customer
Format: Kindle ebook

Blue Guides are the definitive guides to art, architecture and culture—and the London guide keeps their high standard.

Blue Guide London

Great read on the train up to London

By Llyod Hanks
Format: Paperback

Fascinating so many interesting facts. Great read on the train up to London.

Blue Guide London

Five Stars

By Elaine Potters Bar
Format: Paperback

Brilliant guide for anyone interested in London and it’s hidden treasures.

Blue Guide London

Very good on anecdote…

By David Poyser
Format: Paperback

Very good on anecdote, and excellent for looking up stuff at the back. I took it out with a whole load of trainee London guides, and we all found it the best source.

Blue Guide London

Best London Guide I have Seen

By M J Henderson
Format: Paperback

Concisely written yet full of relevant detail. Sets a very high standard for guide books.

Blue Guide London

Exceptional update to a classic and useful guide to this amazing city

By Blue Sky “Blue Sky”
Format: Paperback

Exceptional update to a classic and useful guide to this amazing city. Enjoyable to read as well as a practical guide from which to plan a trip.

Smoothly from Harrow – A Compendium for the London Commuter

Thoroughly recommended!

By Linda B
Format: Paperback

An absolute gem! Original and thoroughly enjoyable. Each page is a delight – full of interesting and amusing facts. For anyone who has ever travelled by train, this book offers an enlightened insight, uplifting the chore of any train journey. I couldn’t put this book down! A perfect gift.