Carol von Pressentin Wright, author
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Biography: Carol Wright is the author of four editions of Blue Guide New York and also of Art Shop Eat New York and Blue Guide Museums and Galleries of New York, so she has seen a great deal of the city, both indoors and out. She holds a PhD in comparative literature, and has also written on women’s health, travel, and cooking.

Contributor to Encyclopedia Of New York City (New York Historical Society & Yale University Press)

Other books: What Every Woman Needs To Know About Menopause (Yale University Press) with Mary Jane Minkin, M.D.; The Yale Guide To Women's Reproductive Health, (Yale University Press, 2003) with Mary Jane Minkin, M.D.; A Woman's Guide To Menopause And Perimenopause (Yale University Press, 2005) with Mary Jane Minkin, M.D.; Sugarbakers' Cookie Cutter Cookbook: Cookies for Every Season (Simon & Schuster) with Diana Butts; Ed. The Hole In The Wall Gang Cookbook by Paul Newman (Simon & Schuster)