Blue Guide Greece the Mainland

"I should like to congratulate you on writing the most detailed, and yet comprehensive, guide to mainland Greece available" more

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Published: 2006; edition: 7; pages: 736

SPECIAL REPRINT EDITION: Blue Guide Greece The Mainland 2007, OF WHICH THIS IS A REPRINT. The latest edition of this Blue Guides classic, updated by Sherry Marker, a lecturer at Smith College, Massachusetts, and James Pettifer, an academic and expert on the Balkans. The guide amply covers mainland Greece, the cradle of western civilization. Updated information on developments in archaeology and scholarship make this the essential guide for visitors.

Rick Steves, top-selling author of the eponymous guide book series, writes "With the Blue Guide to Greece, I had all the information I needed about any sight in Greece and never needed to hire a guide."

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Illustrations: Full colour throughout, with photographs, reproductions, floor plans and maps.

ISBN: 978-1-905131-10-5