Blue Guide Florence

"the floor plans and diagrams are excellent. The amount of detail and the thoroughness of the writing is fantastic" Amazon review

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Published: 2011; edition: 10; pages: 408

The tenth edition of this accessible, scholarly guide to the city of the Renaissance. An essential handbook for any traveller who wants to fully understand the development of Italian art history.

Completely updated, this edition contains superb plans and illustrations of painting, architecture and sculpture, and includes full coverage of several newly opened museums and palaces. Detailed coverage of where to stay and eat.

The depth of information and quality of research make this book the best guide for the independent cultural traveller as well as for all students of art history, architecture and Italian culture. Ideal as an on-site guide as well as a desk resource.

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Illustrations: B/W with photographs, diagrams, floor plans and 8 pages of full-colour maps

ISBN: 9781905131525