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Season’s Greetings Gift ideas Piedmont and print-on-demand – The Scythians and Blue Guide Budapest – Blue Guide Turkey: new e-chapter – New Italy Food app – Popular recent articles


Twelve works of art chosen for their Advent and Christmas subject matter. All of them are to be found in towns, cities or villages covered by a recent Blue Guide.


Sunshine for 2018

Our good-looking guide books make great gifts for anyone planning to travel in 2018. Here are some of the most popular:


Blue Guide Piedmont

Blue Guide Piedmont (which includes all of Lake Maggiore), recently refreshed with new research conducted this autumn, has just come out in print-on-demand form as well as digital. We’ve had a lot of questions about print-on-demand. What is it exactly? Partly, it’s a way of making digital-only titles available to those who prefer the printed word. You order the title through our website or Amazon and a copy is printed, just for you. It's also a way to make specialist or out-of-print titles available. Thank you to those who sent us suggestions following last quarter’s newsletter. If there are any titles that you would like to see made available this way, please let us know. At present, we offer print-on-demand versions of most of our digital guides to the regions of Northern Italy and are embarking on our Turkey list. Other special reprint titles can be seen here »


Blue Guide Budapest

Research on this 3rd edition of Blue Guide Budapest is almost complete—no mean task as there has not been an edition of this title since 2001 and the city has changed immeasurably since then. Publication is set for spring 2018. Over the coming months we will be featuring Budapest in a series of articles on our website. Here is a link to a reivew of the current exhibition at the National Museum London which investigates the mysterious Scythians, a people from whom the Magyars derive part of their ancestry.


Scheduled for the spring of 2018, Blue Guide Aegean Turkey: Troy to Bodrum is the latest title by Paola Pugsley in our digital series of Turkey e-guides, with which we are slowly bringing the classic classic Blue Guide Turkey (2001) up to date. For a taster, see here »


A new version of our popular Italy Food app is on the way. More than just a dictionary it is a full miscellany of anything you’re likely to find on an Italian menu. With new sound recordings, a refreshed look, and fully compatible with iOS 11. We now have LITE (limited to only around 500 words) and PRO (2,500+ words) versions. Naturally we recommend the latter, but you can try out the free version to see the functionality and ease of use – upgrading is by a simple in-app purchase.


Read reviews of books and exhibitions and articles about antiquities, monuments, works of art and beautiful landscapes in places covered by our guides. All are written by our authors, editors and contributors.

Collectors in Florence

An exhibition at Palazzo Pitti (Leopoldo de’ Medici, Principe dei Collezionisti, on until 28th January) displays a selection of the exquisite objects from the famous collection of Cardinal Leopoldo de’ Medici, youngest son of Grand Duke Cosimo II and Maria Magdalena of Austria. Read more »

A people who changed history

The exhibition currently running in Pavia near Milan (Longobardi. Un popolo che cambia la storia) has been given a good amount of publicity in Italy since it is the first time artefacts produced in the period when the Lombards dominated the Italian peninsula have been collected together from many different institutions. Read more »

Italian island food

Matthew Fort, distinguished writer on food and all the conviviality that accompanies it, fell in love with Italy through its ice cream at the age of eleven. Read more »

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This year Florence has celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Merchant Ivory film closely based on E.M. Forster’s famous novel, first published in 1908. This autumn a restored version was shown in the presence of James Ivory, members of the cast, and those who worked on its production. Read more »


As ever, thank you to all those readers who have sent us comments and feedback on our titles, as well as helpful updates. You can see all of these on our comments page. Please do keep sending us your thoughts. As always, we reward all constructive contributions with the offer of a free Blue Guide.


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