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This month we bring you news of recent and forthcoming books, news of our authors, and links to recent articles published on our website. There are also free copies of the latest edition of Blue Guide New York to be won.


"designed for the traveller
who desires to understand more fully what he or she sees"

Stuart Rossiter, Blue Guides editor-in-chief 1963-1973

The BLUE GUIDES have been published continuously since 1918. They maintain their comprehensive focus on history, art, architecture and, where relevant, archaeology, with illustrations to inform rather than to decorate: award-winning maps, diagrams, floor plans, architecture details and photographs. They contain selective listings of restaurants and accommodation informed by the belief that good practical recommendations will contribute to the visitor's enjoyment.

For the appreciative things readers say about our books, see blueguides.com/amazon.


Blue Guide Florence

Our latest title is Blue Guide Florence, first published in 1957 and currently in its 11th edition. Copies are now available in bookshops and online. It joins the list of titles now in the handsome new design, which was launched in 2014. Some example pages here. Florence is in exceptionally good form at the moment. Not only are there new restaurants to try and new places to stay, but much has been done on the art and monuments front. The Museo dell’Opera del Duomo has a superb new arrangement; the excellent Museo degli Innocenti reopened last year; the Baptistery has new lighting; and at long last steps are being taken to tackle the crowds and queues at the Uffizi. The whole museum is being expanded and completely rehung. Individual artworks are part of the story too: for the recent restoration of Leonardo’s Adoration of the Magi, see Blue Guide Florence author Alta Macadam’s recent article here. Read more »

Blue Guide New York

Our detailed 624-page New York guide is not only "an excellent, comprehensive guide to New York sights, including walking tours and a focus on art and architecture" (Longitude) but has for many years been the recommended text for tour guides studying for their New York City license. We have just reprinted the 5th edition, win one of five free copies here. (NB: it appears Amazon restricts this "giveaway" to US residents only.) Read more »

Blue Guide Liguria and Venice & The Veneto
chapters Print-on-Demand

We are tackling the enormous task of updating the seminal Blue Guide Northern Italy (first published 1927) in sections, releasing the new chapters as ebooks and print-on-demand guides to each region. The area covered by Blue Guide Northern Italy includes eight regions:
1. Valle d’Aosta,
2. Piedmont,
3. Lombardy,
4. Liguria,
5. Trentino and the South Tyrol,
6. Emilia Romagna,
7. Venice and the Veneto and
8. Friuli-Venezia Giulia.
All of these (except Lombardy, still to come) are available as ebooks, and we are also making them available as printed volumes. Trentino and the South Tyrol and Emilia Romagna are already available in print form. Joining the line-up we now have Liguria and Venice and the Veneto. (NB: Venice and the Veneto should not be confused with our core title Blue Guide Venice, which covers the city in much greater detail). Venice and the Veneto includes a concise section on Venice highlights and focuses in detail on other towns of the region (notably Padua, Vicenza and Verona) as well as Lake Garda, the Veneto Dolomites, Palladian villas and more besides. Read more »


Turkish adventure

Intrepid archaeologist and Blue Guides Turkey and Crete author Paola Pugsley (currently at work exploring the coastal area of Turkey between Troy and Bodrum) recently visited the black fields of Kula—not well signposted or easy to find—by dint of procuring a police escort. Read about it here.

Outdoor sculpture in Gloucestershire

Lucy Abel Smith’s delightful Travels in Transylvania: The Greater Târnava Valley is now out in digital format as well as print. Stanfords in London, the travel book specialists, have recently published an online article about the book. Lucy also organizes and curates Fresh Air, the biennial sculpture exhibition held in Gloucestershire, UK. Now in its 13th edition, the show opens this month. For more information, see here.

Critical acclaim

Sam Miller, author of Blue Guide India, recently published Fathers, part memoir, part autobiography, part disquisition on genetic inheritance and allegiance. The book has received excellent reviews. It was published this March by Jonathan Cape.


Read reviews of books and exhibitions and articles about antiquities, monuments, works of art and beautiful landscapes in places covered by our guides. All are written by our authors, editors and contributors.

Selectivity at the Uffizi

Talking to a friend a few weeks ago, he mentioned that he was about to go back to the Uffizi with a grandchild and would be showing him just five paintings there. A method of ensuring not only his full attention but also his appreciation. I can only imagine what a memorable occasion that will be for the child. Read more »

Guide to the Via Francigena

The Via Francigena, the road of the Franks towards Rome, has been known for over a thousand years since Sigeric, the Archbishop of Canterbury, decided to travel to Rome for his formal investiture by pope John XV. Read more »

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