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Blue Guide Florence

The 11th edition of Blue Guide Florence, published this summer, is now available in digital format as well as print. Florence is keen to show that it does fashion and design as well as Milan, as demonstrated by a new Salvatore Ferragamo exhibition, which concentrates on his return to Italy after finding fame and fortune in Hollywood.


Blue Guide Budapest

Budapest was in the news last month when the Hungarian government obtained the remaining seven pieces of the exquisite Sevso hoard of Roman silver. The treasure has since embarked on a tour of Hungarian museums and will be put on display in Budapest next year. Meanwhile, we are at work on a new edition of Blue Guide Budapest, an exciting departure since there has not been a fresh edition of this title since 2001. Publication is due this winter. In the meantime we will be posting articles about Budapest on our website. For the extraordinary story of the Sevso Silver, see here »


An updated, 2nd edition of Blue Guide Emilia Romagna (which includes Bologna, Parma, Modena, Ferrara and Ravenna) was published this summer. We’ve had a lot of questions about print-on-demand. What is it exactly? Partly, it’s a way of making digital-only titles available to those who prefer the printed word. You order the title through our website or Amazon and a copy is printed, just for you: physical copies of print-on-demand titles do not otherwise exist. It's also a way to make specialist or out-of-print titles (for which there is very select demand) available. If there are any titles that you would like to see made available this way, please let us know. And at present, while the colossal task of producing a new edition of Blue Guide Northern Italy (2005) rumbles on, we offer print-on-demand versions of most of our updated, digital Northern Italy chapters and are embarking on our Turkey list. Other special reprint titles can be seen here »


As ever, thank you to all those readers who have sent us comments and feedback on our titles, as well as helpful updates. You can see all of these on our comments page. Please do keep sending us your thoughts. As always, we reward all constructive contributions with the offer of a free Blue Guide.


Recommended hotels

In our guide books and on our website we recommend places to stay, eat, or sometimes just to have a coffee or a drink - these are flagged with the "recommended" Blue Guides badge . You can access the whole list here »

London museums

And, to complement our encyclopaedic Blue Guide London we publish a full list of London museums, together with opening times, links to their websites and location on a Google map covering all of London.


Read reviews of books and exhibitions and articles about antiquities, monuments, works of art and beautiful landscapes in places covered by our guides. All are written by our authors, editors and contributors.

Philip Hook's Rogues' Gallery

In May 2017, I visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston for the second time. Housed in a neo-Renaissance palazzo with courtyards and galleries, it is crammed—one might say cluttered—with the extraordinary collection of Mrs Gardner, accumulated with her vast wealth before her death in 1924. Read more »

Ferragamo's Return

Florence is determined to keep its place as a centre of fashion (despite fierce competition from Milan). Of the famous “Pitti” fashion shows, which are held throughout the year, the most prestigious remains “Pitti Uomo”, which takes place for a week in June. Read more »

Silence of the Looms

Sadly the looms of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows (Blue Guide The Marche) in Potenza Picena no longer weave their wonderful damask. Our author Ellen Grady investigates. Read more »

Grammar and Grace

This October it will be 500 years since Luther made public his famous 95 theses in Wittenberg. The anniversary is being celebrated on the web, by a pilgrimage and festival, with events in and around Wittenberg itself, as well as in print. Read more »


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