Litellus Russel Muirhead

L. Russell Muirhead was the son of Findlay and nephew of James Muirhead, the founders of the Blue Guides.  He wrote, compiled and edited Blue Guides from the 1920s to 1960s.


From the fly leaf of the 1957 Blue Guide Florence:


Old Blue Guide FlorenceTHE EDITOR

IN 1930 L. Russell Muirhead succeeded his father, Findlay Muirhead as director of the Blue Guides. To be editor of this famous series of guidebooks requires a wide knowledge of architecture, history, the arts and languages; Mr. Muirhead is well equipped in all these fields. Academic qualifications alone, however, will not suffice to produce a readable and interesting guide book and happily Mr. Muirhead brings a touch of his own lively personality into his books.

After a distinguished school career at U.C.S. where he gained a classics scholarship to Cambridge, the First World War interrupted his studies. He was granted a commission in the infantry in 1915 and after service in Gallipoli, Macedonia and Palestine he was posted to the Western Front in 1918. In 1920 Mr. Muirhead went up to Cambridge, where he took a degree in modern languages.

Travel and languages have been his profession and hobby ever since. He was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in 1956.