The Blue Guides: Muirhead's London and its Environs (1918)

From the Preface:

"The present volume is the first of an entirely new and comprehensive series of guide-books for English-speaking travellers, prepared with a special eye to their requirements and edited with a careful appreciation of the changed conditions, both material and moral, arising from the War. The Blue Guides will be written, as the receding tide of war shall permit, from fresh personal experience by authors already familiar with the countries and cities they describe. These guides aim at being accurate and practical; but, although the ultimate test of the volumes must be their usefulness on the spot rather than their interest in the study, such subjects as history, art, archaeology, and social developments will be treated in a discriminating and suggestive manner by experts entitled to speak with authority. In organizing the series and in collecting material the Editor has a further advantage in the powerful co-operation of the famous house of Hachette of Paris, by whom French editions of the guides will be issued under the rubric of 'Les Guides Bleus.'

Advertisements of every kind are rigorously excluded from this and every other volume of the Blue Guides Series."