We are working on making available our older books which are not regularly available in bookshops, but for which there is still continuing demand.

In some cases this will be by tracking down small amounts of remaining, unsold stock, in others by creating print-on-demand editions.

New books we are working on are listed on our Future title pages, contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.


Out-of-print Blue Guides, still in demand, often still the best on their subject, but where we are some way from publishing a new edition.

Blue Guide

Blue Guide Turkey

3rd ed. (2001) pp785
SPECIAL REPRINT EDITION of the late Bernard McDonagh's 2000 classic Turkey guide ...
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"But if your interest in Asia Minor takes you even slightly off the well-trodden path, the Blue Guide is indispensible" amazon.com review

Blue Guide

Blue Guide Albania and Kosovo

3rd ed. (2001) pp499
SPECIAL REPRINT EDITION: The 3rd edition with minor author amendments. 'O ...
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'One has to applaud the stylish confidence of the Blue Guide to Albania by Balkans expert James Pettifer. The guide provides a comprehensive account of the country's splendid archaeological sites and Ottoman heritage as well as less obvious points of interest' The Independent.

Blue Guide

Blue Guide Romania

1st ed. (2001) pp503
SPECIAL REPRINT EDITION: The 1st edition with minor author amendments. A det ...
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'unrivalled coverage of art, architecture and history' The Guardian