Sherry Marker, author
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Biography: Sherry Marker took her BA in Greek at Radcliffe college, an MA in Ancient History at the University of California at Berkeley, and studied archaeology at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. She has worked on the excavations at Morgantina, Sicily and Sardis, Turkey. She has written on Greece for the New York Times travel section, Travel and Leisure, Berlitz Travellers and Frommer's. She divides her time between Massachusetts, where she teaches at Smith College, and the Peloponnese.

Other books:

The Meteora (Efstathiadis, 1984); The Peloponnese (Efstathiadis,1984); Athens, Attica, and the Islands of the Argo-Saronic Gulf (Efstathiadis, 1985); Athens (Efstathiadis, 1988); Philip of Macedon and the Royal Sites of Macedonia (Efstathiadis, 1989); Macedonia, Thessaly, and Epirus (Efstathiadis, 1987); Olympia (Efstathiadis, 1988); Athens and Attica as Alice Whitman (Kedros, 1990); The Peloponnese as Alice Whitman (Kedros, 1990).