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Biography: Charles Freeman is a freelance academic historian with wide interests in the history of European culture and thought. His Egypt, Greece and Rome, Civilizations of the Ancient Mediterranean is widely used as an introductory textbook. The Closing of the Western Mind is a study of the relationship between Greek philosophy and Christianity in the 4th century and beyond. His The Horses of St. Mark’s is a study of these famous works of art, preserved in the basilica of St Mark’s in Venice. AD 381, Heretics, Pagans and the Christian State argues that the year 381, when the emperor Theodosius imposed Christianity on the empire, is a neglected turning point in the history of European thought. His A New History of Christianity (Yale University Press 2009) was named as one of the Non-Fiction Books of the Year by The Scotsman. His study of relics, Holy Bones, Holy Dust (2011) is reviewed on this website. In 2003, Freeman was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. In recent years he has developed a study tour programme of Italy. In 2008 he began developing a tour programme in Greece and Turkey for Ciceroni Travel. Charles has been a member of the Editorial Board of the Blue Guides since 2005 and he has written the historical introductions to several volumes of the new editions including Rome, Florence, Venice, Sicily and Greece the Mainland. He is also the author of Sites of Antiquity: Fifty Sites that Explain the Classical World, which has been widely praised (see the review in Minerva for January, 2010).