Blue Guide Greece the Aegean Islands - REDUCED from £17.95

GBP: £11.95

Published: 2010; edition: 1; pages: 680

The result of five years of fresh research by author Nigel McGilchrist, and detailed editing by Michael Metcalfe and Heinrich Hall, this is the first full Blue Guide treatment of all the Greek Aegean islands in a single volume.

Lovingly written, it contains a wealth of detail on all aspects of these popular destinations: early history and archaeology, Classical and Byzantine art and architecture, Venetian and Ottoman monuments, and present-day concerns such as where to eat, which beaches to visit, and how to get from island to island.

Nigel McGilchrist is an art historian with a long-standing interest in the Mediterranean region. Having previously lived in Greece, he is now based in Italy. He has self-published the full manuscript that he wrote for this book in twenty volumes as "McGilchrist's Greek Islands", an invaluable resource.

Michael Metcalfe, a Sicily-based ancient historian, and Heinrich Hall, an archaeologist based in Athens, both act as expert guides on Peter Sommer Travels' small group tours to Greece, Turkey and the Classical World.

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Illustrations: Full-colour throughout. With maps, photographs, architectural details and floor plans.

ISBN: 978-1-905131-35-8