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Andhra Pradesh

Chapter from Blue Guide India

by Sam Miller

Andhra Pradesh

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Practical, cultural, user-friendly guide to the sights and monuments of Andhra Pradesh. Includes referenced maps, full background information on Indian history, culture and religions, and eating and accommodation tips. This is a chapter from Blue Guide India: the best guide for the independent traveller to India’s art, architecture and history. According to William Dalrymple, who wrote the foreword: “I can vouch for its accuracy and novelty ¬ the Indian guide which reaches the long-forgotten wonders ignored by other guides, and the best possible guide to off-the-beaten-track India.” Written by the BBC’s Sam Miller. Highlights include the city of Hyderabad, the ruins of Golconda, the Ramappa temple near Warangal and the archaeological site of Nagarjunakonda.

Published: 2011, edition: 1

ISBN digital: 9781909079755, 9781909177758

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