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Blue Rome

Fully updated twelfth edition of this classic and indispensable Blue Guide to Rome and the Vatican City: its history, monuments, art, architecture and way of life. Rome may be the Eternal City but it is constantly evolving, with exciting archaeological discoveries being made, monuments restored and opened to the public and museums rearranged. The latest developments are all covered in this new edition, which also visits the ruins of Ostia, the port of ancient Rome, and Tivoli, with its famous gardens, fountains and classical ruins.
Alta Macadam is a long-standing and highly acclaimed author of Blue Guides to Italy. She is joined by series editor Annabel Barber and by contributors on special aspects of Roman history, art and the papacy.
A select and well-chosen list of places to eat and stay is also included, along with practical tips on getting around the city.

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