Pilgrim’s Rome

A Blue Guide Travel Monograph

by A. B. Barber

Pilgrim’s Rome

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A guide to Rome’s Christian monuments, explained and put into context by an examination of the history of pilgrimage, from its most ancient forms to more modern, even secular practice.

Supplements a good guide book to Rome, ideal for anyone with a deeper interest in the beliefs and myths that have built the living city, for the Christian visitor or for the specialist.

Author A.B. Barber, editor-in-chief of the Blue Guides, wears her scholarship lightly, making this book as essential and accessible to the casual pilgrim as to the academic specialist.

Also covers such practicalities as where to stay and eat, relevant websites, English-language services, opening times and so on, with appendices explaining indulgences, listing popes, quoting key prayers and given other useful background.

Print properties:
- Pages: 304
- Illustrations: B/W with photographs, diagrams, site plans and maps.

Published: 2012, edition: 1

ISBN print: 9781905131556
ISBN digital: 9781909079-854, 9781909177857