Hungary Food

By Blue Guides

The Blue Guide Hungary Food app provides a dictionary and miscellany of all the Hungarian food and drink words you are likely to find on a menu or in a market. Suitable for browsing or on-site use, it is a self-contained app which once downloaded does not need Internet access and thus incurs no expensive roaming charges or download delays. With full searchability and indexing you can find what you want instantly. A sound file for every single entry gives immediate pronunciation guidance.

The app is based on the content of the Blue Guide Hungary Food Companion, which, as well as the useful dictionary function, gives background, facts and guidance, for example on such things as the seasonality of particular foods, historical origins, classical references or regional specialities. All this content is available in the app. The book is available at good bookshops for £9.95 / $12.99.

Now in a LITE (limited to only around 500 words) and a PRO (2,000+ words) version, you can try the functionality and ease-of-use of the free app then, if you choose, upgrade to the full version with a simple in-app purchase.

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