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Blue Guide Florence


The eleventh edition of this accessible, scholarly guide to the city of the Renaissance. An essential handbook for any traveller who wants fully to understand the aesthetic impact of Florence on world history. Completely updated, this edition contains superb plans and illustrations of painting, architecture and sculpture, and includes fully updated coverage of the most recent developments at the Uffizi and other significant sites. There is also detailed coverage of where to stay and eat.

The depth of information and quality of research make this book the best guide for the independent traveller as well as for all students of history, art, architecture and Italian culture. Ideal as an on-site guide as well as a desk resource.

Alta Macadam is a long-standing author of Italian Blue Guides.

Travelling to Florence but feel you can’t face the queues and crowds at the Uffizi? Despair no longer. The museum has taken admirable steps to sort itself out, and the telephone booking service works really well. Blue Guides author Alta Macadam has the details. Read more »

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Our titles about Florence, Tuscany and Umbria