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Chapter from Blue Guide Central Italy

by Alta Macadam


This ebook is an extract from Blue Guide Central Italy, comprising 130 pages of the text version, with superb regional maps, town maps and site plans. Includes a comprehensive historical introduction, practical information on where to eat and stay, and information about local food and wine. Umbria is the very heart of Italy, home to the city of Perugia, Orvieto with its splendid cathedral, the monastery of St Francis at Assisi, superb examples of the art of Perugino and Pinturicchio, and some of the finest countryside in the peninsula, where truffles grow in abundance. The now-tranquil waters of Lake Trasimene were the scene of one of Rome’s most ignominious defeats, at the hands of Hannibal in 217 BC.

Published: 2008, edition: 1

ISBN digital: 9781909079564, 9781909177567

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