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Blue Guide The Marche and San Marino

by Ellen Grady

Blue Guide The Marche and San Marino
Blue Guide The Marche and San Marino

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New edition of this comprehensive, readable, reliable and affectionate guide. The only full-length English-language guide to focus on this area of eastern Italy. Most of the world’s straw hats and plenty of its shoes come from this fascinating Italian region. With stunning sandy beaches, superb food and wine, national parks, and world-class art (Raphael was born in Urbino, the most famous city), this is a must-have guide for all independent travellers. Each chapter comes with a detailed listing of restaurants and coffee bars and there are plenty of suggestions of places to stay as well as detailed maps and plans to help you discover somewhere new.

Print properties:
- Pages: 400
- Illustrations: B/W with photographs, reproductions, floor plans and maps.

Published: 2015, edition: 2

ISBN print: 9781905131662
ISBN digital: 9781910480564, 9781910480069

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