Blue Guide London

Special reprint edition

by Emily Barber

Blue Guide London Blue Guide London

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Fully revised and updated new edition of this essential Blue Guide, by London resident and fine art expert Emily Barber, assisted by other members of the Blue Guides team.

The guide retains the Blue Guides’ traditional focus on history, architecture and the fine arts, but explores London in all its many ramifications, both high and low, past and present, including in-depth coverage of all the major sights but straying well off the beaten track to find little-known treasures elsewhere. Eating and drinking is also a major part of enjoying London and each chapter contains up-to-date suggestions of places to eat and what bars, cafés and pubs to sample. A fully revised accommodation section is also included.

Ideal for on-site use as well as for at-home study and to help visitors plan ahead.

Print properties:
- Pages: 612
- Illustrations: Two-colour with photographs, diagrams, site plans and 16 pages of full-colour maps.

Published: 2014, edition: 18

ISBN print: 9781905131631
ISBN digital: 9781910480632, 9781910480137