Blue Guide Aegean Turkey: From Troy to Bodrum

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by Paola Pugsley

Blue Guide Aegean Turkey: From Troy to Bodrum

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A guide to the cities and archaeological sites of Turkey’s Aegean coast, from earliest times through the Byzantine and Ottoman periods and up to the present day. Included are the famous sites of Troy, Pergamon and Ephesus, as well as Miletus, Priene, Didyma and Aphrodisias in the Meander valley; the hot springs of Pamukkale and the modern cities of İzmir (ancient Smyrna) and Bodrum (ancient Halicarnassus, site of the famous Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the World).

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- Pages: 224

Published: 2018, edition: 1

ISBN print: 9781916568006
ISBN digital: 9781910480694, 9781910480199

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