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Blue Guide Crete

by Paola Pugsley

Blue Guide Crete
Blue Guide Crete

This completely re-written new edition of Blue Guide Crete focuses on the long history of the largest Greek island, from Minoan civilization to the present day. It includes detailed coverage of the major resorts and archaeological sites, Venetian and Ottoman architecture, the island’s unique landscape and wildlife, and its important history in the Second World War. Plenty of practical tips ”how to get around, where to stay, and what to eat (Crete has some of the best cuisine in Greece)”are also included. For the first time in full colour with amplified and detailed maps.

“The Blue Guide Crete is a must for any traveller wishing to visit this fascinating Greek island. It provides a comprehensive range of information that would be useful to archaeological and historical enthusiasts, the armchair researcher, and will even provide an excellent complement for the more seasoned academic.” Minerva Magazine.

Print properties:
- Pages: 400
- Illustrations: Full-colour throughout, with maps, photographs,archaeological site plans.

Published: 20110, edition: 8

ISBN print: 9781905131297
ISBN digital: 9781909177994, 9781909079984

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