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Blue Guide Paris

by Delia Gray-Durant

Blue Guide Paris
Blue Guide Paris

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There is no shortage of guide books to Paris but none attempts to cover the city in such depth as the Blue Guide. Paris can only be fully understood if approached through its history and monuments, the grand projects of kings, revolutionaries, emperors and presidents, as well as the river Seine and its importance, and of course the story of Parisian haute cuisine. All this is brilliantly described and explained in this fully updated Blue Guide. Listings at the end of each chapter give suggestions on where to eat. Author Delia Gray-Durant, who has lived and worked in Paris, is ideally placed to present the city accessibly to the independent visitor, being familiar with not only its great monuments but also its most intimate corners.

Print properties:
- Pages: 500
- Illustrations: B/W with photographs, reproductions, floor plans and maps.

Published: 2015, edition: 12

ISBN print: 9781905131679
ISBN digital: 9781910480571, 9781910480076