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Mumbay (Bombay) & Maharashtra

Chapter from Blue Guide India

by Sam Miller

Mumbay (Bombay) & Maharashtra

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With Elephanta Island, the Ajanta and Ellora caves and Pune (Poona). Discerning on-site guide to the sights and monuments of Mumbai and its state, with additional information on Indian religions, history and culture. This is a chapter from Blue Guide India: the best guide for the independent traveller to India’s art, architecture and heritage. Superb maps, detailed practical information. Written by the BBC’s Sam Miller. According to William Dalrymple, who wrote the foreword: “I can vouch for its accuracy and novelty – the Indian guide which reaches the long-forgotten wonders ignored by other guides, and the best possible guide to off-the-beaten-track India.”

Published: 2011, edition: 1

ISBN digital: 9781909079601, 9781909177628

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