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Visible Cities Barcelona

by George Semler

Visible Cities Barcelona

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Barcelona is one of Europe’s most exciting city destinations, boasting some of the best-known names in 20th-century architecture stretching all the way back from today’s design statements through Gaudi and Modernism to the Middle Ages. Add to this a Mediterranean backdrop, plus a restaurant and bar culture second to none.

Visible Cities Barcelona, by resident author George Semler, contains all the information the discerning traveller needs to discover the finest aspects of this artistically rich and elegant city: the history that formed it, the architects who built it and the patrons who sponsored them, plus the best restaurants, cafes and xampanyerias.

Print properties:
- Pages: 288
- Illustrations: Full colour throughout with photographs, reproductions, maps and floor plans.

Published: 2004, edition: 1

ISBN print: 9789632063232