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Blue Guide Central Anatolia

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by Paola Pugsley

Blue Guide Central Anatolia

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A land on the great trade routes between east and west, sprinkled with the remains of old caravanserais, and including Cappadocia with its churches and underground ‘cities’; the capital Ankara and its Museum of Anatolian Civilizations; Gordion, where Alexander unloosed the famous knot; Konya, with its tomb of the great Mevlana Rumi dervish; and the vast central plateau with its lakes and its Hittite, Hellenistic and Roman remains: ancient Pisidia (with Sagalassos), ancient Phrygia (the realm of King Midas) and the land of the Hittites (with Hattusa).

Published: 2016, edition: 1

ISBN digital: 9781910480618, 9781910480113

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