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  1. To Whom It May Concern,
    SALT is a research based cultural institution founded by Garanti Bankası as a non for profit institution. SALT’s activities are distributed between SALT Beyoğlu and SALT Galata in İstanbul, and SALT Ulus in Ankara within an integrated program structure.

    SALT hosts exhibitions, conferences and public programs; engages in interdisciplinary research projects; and sustains SALT Research, a library and archive of recent art, architecture, design, urbanism, and social and economic histories to make them available for research and public use.
    We would like to take part in the Istanbul City Guide under your publishings and would really appreciate further information on this process.


  2. A few comments about Blue Guide to Istanbul, 6th edition 2011 bought via Amazon July 2012. The book was not correctly put together : after p. 128 follow pp 145 – 160, followed by pp 129-144.
    I used it in Istanbul October 2012 and can add the following comments:
    p. 95 the plan says rooms 13-30 and there are only 20 rooms shown on the plan
    p. 78 renovation of treasury in Topkapi; now a completely new organisation e.g. the thrones are in the same room
    p. 77 the throne room is at the moment under reconstruction and therefore inaccessible
    p. 76 The palace kitchens are currently also under reconstruction and therefore inaccessible
    p. 84 in the Salon of the Vakide Sultan there are wax figures no more.
    A few suggestions that I would welcome:
    pp. 98-99 a plan of the New Building of Archeological Museum would be most welcome
    a list of all the very informative text boxes would also be nice
    But I am generally a great fan of Blue Guide and I also found this one impressive.

  3. The Good Book Guide in its May 2012 “Focus on Blue Guides”:
    “This is an excellent guidebook for the knowledgeable traveller and a fantastic introduction for the first timer.”

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