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Mountains, rivers, rolling hills, pine forests and the Atlantic coast provide a spectacular range of food and drink, while its cultural inheritance is equally wide-ranging; prehistoric caves, Romanesque pilgrimage churches, 18th-century chateaux and cityscapes, eclectic seaside architecture and rich art collections.

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  1. Is a new digital adition being planned? This one is almost 10 years old. Thanks – I cannot travel without you

    • Thank you for your kind comments on the Blue Guides Ruth. But no, I am afraid no immediate plans for a new Blue Guide Southwest France. The enormous amount of work in a good Blue Guide relative to the modest sales is making it hard for us to justify guides to anything but the main city destinations. But this is one of the many titles which we look forward to re-doing when circumstances permit.

  2. Pages 450 to 451 should be updated as follows:
    On April 11, 2011, the Musée Bonnat closed for renovations and reorganization. It will re-open at some undisclosed future date under the name Musée Bonnat-Helleu, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bayonne.

  3. I see on Amazon some listing 0393328937 as the third edition of the Southwest France book. The year is the same as the second edition. Is this a mistake. What is the difference between 0393328937 and 1905131135.

    • These are the same books, one with our US co-publisher WW Norton’s US ISBN, the other with our Blue Guides UK ISBN. However our more recent books have only the Blue Guides ISBN, though they continue to be distributed in the States by Norton.

  4. My wife and I have just spent a night at this place which offers chambres d’hotes as well as tables d’hotes and I can thoroughly recommend it. The owner, Anne Bonventure, is an extremely engaging character and has full details of how she restored the chateau over a four year period. gives full information.
    Certainly worth considering for inclusion in the next edition of the SW France Blue Guide Regards James Christie

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