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The City of Light boasts a huge variety of art collections from small and intimate to one of the most celebrated museums in the world, the Louvre. One of the gastronomic capitals of the world, Paris can only be understood if approached through its history and culture.

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  2. Hello. I wonder if a new Blue Guide Paris edition is in the works or if the current edition (2007) will be valid for a while. Merci!

  3. Here are a few comments on your Blue Guide Paris book, which I have used on my recent trip to the city.
    The main use I have found for this book is to read ahead of time about the museums I was going to visit. I found that once I got there, I knew what I wanted to see and did not waste as much time trying to figure out what and where I was going. A few more pictures would have been nice also, but the cultural information was very useful. So many sites and museums are listed in the guide, it would have been nice to know which places should not be missed, especially when you’re only spending a few days in the city. Something like a top 3 attractions in the main neighbourhoods. My only issue with your guide book is that it is very heavy compared to others, and not so useful when you’re already carrying quite a bit of stuff in your day bag! If it’d be possible to use less heavy paper, I’m sure it’d be better. But put more pictures! 🙂 Thank you for putting together a great book, once again! It’s always a pleasure to use these books!

  4. I found your guide to Paris very good. I’ve been there many times over the years but this time, with one free day, I selected new areas and museums to visit thanks to the guide. Having seen a BBC programme on Albert Kahn I made a point of visiting this museum. Your guide gives the wrong metro stop for the museum. It is Boulogne Pont de St-Cloud, not Porte de St-Cloud; luckily it’s a short bus ride between the two stations.

  5. Hi there –
    Name: L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon
    Address: Rue de Montalembert We thought you may want to update the Paris guide regarding a price guide. For this one you estimated a double Euro symbol 0r 30-50 EUR per person. We would recommend making this 50-100 EUR per person. We had three small starters, two entrees, two desserts, two glasses of wine, and one one bottle of water. The total bill was ~240 EUR. I know it’s objective as to what one would call a meal or consider themselves satisfied, but we feel if one were to have much less than this, they’d go away hungry. I should add that the meal at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon was fantastic.

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